martedì 17 maggio 2011

The Nokia 5230 Package doesn't include the usb cable?

You've got a Nokia 5230 and you realize that inside the package there is neither a USB cable, or a CD-ROM containing installation software. Unlike other models of Nokia phones more expensive it does not contain the USB cable. Never mind, you can go on eBay and type in for example "Nokia 5230 usb cable" and you'll see many sellers who will ship it for a few euro.

For example, I placed the order on eBay on Saturday night and Monday already had the cable, received by priority mail (its identical to this one in the photo).

Or if you prefer to buy it on online store, for example, you could go on Compatible models should be the CA101 a
nd CA101-D. For Example sells these cables, I put a link below and thank you if you'll buy it from Best regards from Italy!

Sorry for any mistakes in English, I'm Italian and I try to write in English. Please correct any errors if you feel, highlighting them as comment, thanks.

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