lunedì 16 maggio 2011

Have you bought a Nokia 5230?

So you've bought it too? Well, even for the moment because I am more than satisfied with the purchase made​​. Besides, some stores offer it at lower budget and where to find a smartphone with GPS, free maps, 2-megapixel camera at a reasonable price? Yes, it lacks some options (USB cable, stylus, case) that you can easily buy at low prices on eBay or elsewhere.

Why this blog? Because this phone is proving to be a little more than a mobile computer and can therefore be useful to reflect my experience and share it with you. A number of things are not so obvious: the installation of the Maps, updating firmware of the phone that solves some problems, the use of Nokia PC Suite. If you have suggestions, corrections, bring them back in the comments because it could be that you know more than me! We can work together and so I wish you a good use of Nokia 5230! Best regards from Italy.

Sorry for any mistakes in English, I'm Italian and I try to write in English. Please correct any errors if you feel, highlighting them as comment, thanks.

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