lunedì 16 maggio 2011

It connects to the Internet without I want it!

The first thing I discovered using using this mobile phone is that it began co connetct to internet without asking me. I simply put my SIM card, I didn't set any parameters, it didn't asked me questions, and it has taking me off some euro credit. What I did was simply click on the icons for Facebook, Myspace, etc.. I know that logically these are websites but I would expect it demands me if I wanted to connect to the Internet.

But not only links to Facebook, MySpace, etc.. connects to the internet by charging you through your mobile operator. The default Gps location is set on "A-GPS": it uses the GPS but uses the hook to 2G and 3G and GPRS and EGPRS packet data to identify more quickly your position on the map.

If you want to be sure that the phone will not connect to the Internet go to:

Settings-> Connectivity-> Destinations-> Internet
Settings-> Connectivity-> Destinations-> WAP Services

then click the connection that you want to block and from there turn on the required password so that you explicitly ask for a password when the phone is no need to go online.

Or, again within these sections, you can change the name servers your mobile phone try to use or internet access point (such as changing the wap server from "" in "swap.tim . com "for example) so that it can not connect: for example if you write a wrong name server, the 5230 mobile phone will not be able to access to the Internet.

By doing so you are sure of not having to pay unnecessarily unwanted connections
if you don't have a flat-rate subscription with your mobile operator!

Also, if you think you never want to access to internet you can go to:

Settings-> Connectivity-> Destinations-> and go here and select Internet Options / Delete, and thus possibly also for WAP services.

Sorry for any mistakes in English, I'm Italian and I try to write in English. Please correct any errors if you feel, highlighting them as comment, thanks.

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